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Previously we discussed creating a mind map so that we can avoid some of the mistakes in our journey. But we can’t avoid every mistake as some mistakes and experiences are necessary in order to move ahead. I will discuss that too.

So the next step is choosing a type of fitness routine you want to maintain.

You must be thinking about what you mean by choosing a routing. It is simple as going to the gym and start pushing the max weight one can.

But this field is as vast as any other topic.

Choosing or creating a workout routine

Basically workout sessions depend on one’s goals. If you want to lose weight you should be doing more cardio along with some strength training or if you want to increase your endurance you should follow the CrossFit routine and there are some more.

The workout types which I know at this point are:

  • Calisthenics
  • CrossFit
  • Weight Lifting
  • HIIT Workouts

Etc… Etc.…

And eating a healthy diet is the most important thing you have to do with whatever you do.


Calisthenics is a strength training form of exercise which is performed using one’s body weight and requires minimal equipment.

Calisthenics include exercises like

  • Pushups
  • Pull-ups
  • Squats

These are the exercises you should do if you are just starting with calisthenics.

Advanced calisthenics movements include

Handstands, handstand pushups, planche and its variations, maltese, hefesto etc..

You must be now thinking about how many pushups I can do if I am just starting or it might be boring.

I agree with the boring part as it is just pushups at the start. But here you don’t have to do some type of pushups. You should include variations of pushups that target different muscle group or increases the explosiveness.

You can search on google or youtube and will shock to see that there are more than 100 variations available. You can choose 10 or 20 or as many you can do respective to your level.

The same type of search results you can see with pull-ups and leg exercises you can do with your body weight.

As you move ahead you would require some weights and other equipment once you can easily do basic bodyweight exercises.


CrossFit is a fitness regimen in which exercises are performed at a higher intensity with minimal rest. These will help to build muscular endurance.

You would start to see the difference in your endurance levels within a month or so if you do that correctly.

CrossFit also provides a platform where you can compete with people from all over the world as it is a branded fitness regime and that’s why it has a very user base and proper management.

You can do CrossFit if you want to build a balance between strength and muscle rapidly. On the other hand, Calisthenics needs more time to build muscle but it provides a monster strength if you give it proper time.

CrossFit exercises generally include a core or cardio movement with a muscle movement and the general workout may range from 12-50 min or even more.

The fun part is CrossFit games which have detailed workouts and it is the platform where you compete with others from all over the world.

Weight Lifting

As the name suggests this workout includes the lifts of heavyweights.

Mainly 3 big exercises are done according to this.

Bench Press



People also do weight lifting to compete in competitions. The competitions are much fun and are organized around the world. Unlike CrossFit, weightlifting competitions are not centralized and you need to go there and compete with them there according to their rules.

Out of these three, weightlifting competitions are held very commonly. People who win here are considered strongmen.

HIIT Workout

These workouts are different from all and are done to mainly lose belly fat rapidly.

These cardio exercises ranging from 5 up to 10 are given in a set and you need to perform those exercises for like 35-40 sec and take a rest of 15-20 sec and move to the next exercise.

After finishing 1 round of all the exercises you take a 1-2 min rest and repeat the same process.

That’s why these are called High-Intensity Interval Training.

Now you may want to know what I follow:

Firstly I want to lose weight, so I started doing HIIT workouts mainly rope skipping mostly 4-5 times a week along with somewhat strength training like pushups and squats.

When I lost a significant amount of weight, I switched to Calisthenics and did HIIT workouts only 1-2 days a week.

After when covid hit, I started CrossFit for about 6 months because I was getting free workouts. CrossFit did increase my endurance as well as strength rapidly.

After when gyms were resumed I switched back to Calisthenics and started lifting weights in deadlifts and squats. For now, my Personal Record is 150 kgs in deadlifts and 120 kgs in squats.

Why I told you about my workout routine because:

Because I want to tell you that you need not do only one thing or follow that like a saint unless you want to compete at the world level. I was just having fun while doing this.

Calisthenics provides a different type of stability to the body. You can move in any way you want.

CrossFit helps to remove the excess fat rapidly that you have accidentally gained because of carelessness.

Weightlifting helps me to test my limits. As our body is much more capable than we know about it.

HIIT workouts help to start losing fat if you are just starting your journey.

And DIET is the most important workout of these all.
The above-mentioned workouts are worthless if you don’t maintain a proper diet because it is 80% what you eat and 20% workout.

Managing your stomach is the best workout you can follow.


You can do whatever you want. You can switch to any routine whenever you want in order to reach your goals.

Even the workouts hit differently for different people. It means maybe one thing or one routine which works for someone might not work for you or vice versa.

Results are dependent on goals, technique and for whatever reason, you start the workout. Some people are advised to do exercise for the betterment of their mental health. Some people also start exercising because they were bullied.

Exercising improves mental health by reducing anxiety, and depression and helps to boost positive mood. I personally don’t know about the connection like how that impact, means what are the hormones released but I can assure you that the positivity in your mood is boosted every time you do something. Because of the atmosphere where you are always pumped to push more.

I just want to say that physical fitness is not just for physical beauty but also for mental wellness.

One article is not enough to talk about workouts.

Will come back with the next blog which will include each workout in depth.

Thank you.